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Academic Publications

Discrimination of Melodic Patterns in Indian Classical Music

Proc. of the National Conference on Communications 2015,

IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India, February 28 - March 1, 2015.

Landmark Detection in Hindustani Music Melodies

Proc. of the Joint Int. Conf. ICMC-SMC 2014, pp. 1062-1068

Athens, Greece,  September 14-20, 2014.

Classification of Melodic Motifs in Raga Music with Time Series Matching

Journal of New Music Research (JNMR), Vol. 43, Issue 1, 2014.

pp. 115-131, DOI:  10.1080/09298215.2013.873470

Tempo dependence of Melodic shapes in Hindustani classical music

Proc. of the Int. Conf. FRSM 2014, March 13-14, 2014

AIISH Mysore, India. Best Paper Award (Oral)

Distinguishing Raga-Specific Intonation of Phrases with Audio Analysis

Journal- Ninaad, ITC Sangeet Research Academy

Vol. 26-27, pp. 59-68, December 2013.

Classification of Indian Classical Vocal Styles from Melodic Contours

Proc. of the 2nd Int. CompMusic workshop, pp. 139-146

Istanbul Turkey, July 2012.